What is the most aerodynamic car in the world?

The aerodynamic resistance of a vehicle is a quantity that has started to be measured more in the automotive industry in recent years.

The effort that companies make to reduce the aerodynamic coefficient in their models requires large amounts and long-term research. All of them would like to acquire the reputation of having the “most aerodynamic car in the world” but few manage to do so, in the end.

Nowadays, the production vehicle with the lowest drag coefficient is the Mercedes-EQ EQS, the purely electric “flagship” of the German company, with Cd: 0.20. The next vehicle from this, in the respective list, is the Tesla Model 3 with a coefficient Cd: 0.23.

However, it surpasses both of these models lightyear 0, also a purely electric model built by the people of the Dutch start-up company (note: Lightyear). The car, which is based in the original One, designed in collaboration with the Italian house GranStudio and has aerodynamic drag coefficient 0.175, as measured in the “FKFS” wind tunnel (Germany), based on the corresponding rules provided for in the “WLTP” Protocol.

The Lightyear 0 has a carbon fiber frame and weighs 1,600 kg, according to the company. Its batteries have an energy capacity 60 kWh, while on its roof there are integrated solar cells which can produce approximately one kilowatt hour, amount of energy that can move the vehicle for a theoretical distance 70 km

The selling price of Lightyear 0 is set at 250,000 euroswhich makes it expensive for a vehicle from a company relatively unknown to the general public.

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