5 lesser known works of J. RR Tolkien worth discovering

At September 2, 1973 one of the most important writers of the 20th century, the “father” of modern fantasy literature, has passed away. J. RR Tolkien. With his work he gave life to a genre of literature that until then had not yet succeeded in flourishing, the “High fantasy”, or otherwise high fantasy.

“High fantasy” is defined as the literary text that talks about heroes, as in heroic epics, while at the same time creating a completely new imaginary world. Tolkien in particular, through his books introduced us to a fantastic world that was loved by hundreds of thousands of readers – a world with original cultures, but also languages, that he had invented himself.

His talent is evident in his every word, and it is certain that such a creative and elaborate writer, who manages to combine the novel with poetry, and imagination with creation, will hardly pass through literature again.

Most people when they hear the name Tolkien, their mind goes to Lord of the Ringsas well as the Hobbit. But, in his writing there are many more books, with different stories about its peoples Middle Earthwhich talk about Elves and Dwarves, about humans and loves, about the First Age, and about how absolute evil came to dominate.

That’s why, on the occasion of his recent death anniversary, we’ve collected some of his most important – but lesser known – books to help his loyal readers learn even more about his stories.

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The Fall of Godolin

After the clash of the two most powerful forces in the world: the fallen God Morgothrepresenting supreme evil, and of God Ulmos, of the Lord of the Waters, comes the fall of Godolin. Having been founded by the Noldorin Elves, Gondolin is a beautiful city located in a location that is inaccessible, well hidden from Morgoth. Ulmo, a god of Vala commands Tuor, a Man, to find this hidden city, and to convey to Turgon, its king, that the time has come to confront Morgoth, so that his city may at last live without fear. This difficult and long journey begins on Tour, so he can find Godolin. As he arrives, and delivers the message to Turgon, he refuses to leave the city and fight Morgoth, but this will have great consequences. It is then that Morgoth launches a devastating attack on Godolin, an attack that despite all the self-sacrifice of its defenders, is not enough. The city is sacked and taken over by Morgoth. The surviving Elves, along with Tuor, take refuge in the mountains, and watch the destruction Morgoth has brought upon their city, which is engulfed in flames. According to J. RR Tolkien, The Fall of Gondolin is “the first real story of this fictional world‘, as he puts Beren and Lúthien and The Children of Húrin at the same time, calling them all together the three Great Stories of the Ancient Days.
It is published by Kedros Publications

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun

Based on the classic Norse legend –the legend that inspired him Richard Wagner to write some of his greatest operas – Tolkien recounts in his own way, in his own language and style, his adventures Sigurdthe dragon slayer, as well as his relationship with two dynamic and beautiful women, the Valkyrie Brunhilde and the princess Gudrun. A story about gods and warriors, about loves and family tragedies, about fierce battles, that didn’t manage to see the light of day until recently, even though it was written long before in The Lord of the Rings. It remained a forgotten manuscript, in some family archive until recently. But it is a masterpiece, which every loyal reader should read.
It is published by Aeolos publications

The Silmarillion

It may have been published last in the series, but it is Tolkien’s first chronological novel, as well as his first thought about the history of Middle-earth. Talk about the history of the First Age, including heroes we know, such as Elrond and the Galadriel, since they were living then. The Silmarillion tells of the creation of Middle-earth, of the peoples who lived in it First Era, and is in the distant past according to the events of The Lord of the Rings, set in the Third Age. The book also mentions things that everyone who has read the Lord knows: about his gems Feanorfor the Ainur music, the story of the Valar, the fall of Númenor, as well as the Rings of Power. It tells how the First Dark Lord, Morgoth, stole the gems and placed them in his iron crown, in the fortress of Angbad, and how Fëanor and his allies waged an endless and desperate war against Morgoth to get them back.
It is published by Aeolos publications

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The children of Hurin

The story finds us in a time before The Lord of the Rings, in the great land beyond the Gray Harbors in the West, in regions once traversed by Dentrogenesareas that were later flooded by the great flood that ended the First Age of the World Then, when the Morgoththe Dark Lord, lived in her fortress Angband, in the Iron Hell in the North. It is then that Túrin and his sister Nienor live under the shadow of the fear of Angbad and the war waged by Morgoth against the Elves. Morgoth had a bottomless hatred for them, for they were the children of Hurin, the only man who ever dared to defy him, mocking him. So that he can take revenge on them, he sends him Glaurung, a powerful spirit in the form of a huge fire-breathing dragon. It is in times of violence and disaster, in hiding, trying to resist and emerge unscathed, that the Dark Lord and the Dragon succeed in fulfilling their purposes. Glaurung succeeds by insidious movements, by lies and intrigues, to determine the fate of the children of Húrin, thus fulfilling Morgoth’s curse.
It is published by Aeolos publications

Beren and Lúthien

At first glance, the theme of this story seems to be the love between two young people. But when J. RR Tolkien is the one who pulls the strings, the mortal Beren and the immortal Luthien they are not a classic romance, but an unforgettable myth. As with any tragic love, there are always obstacles. Lúthien’s father, disapproving of Beren for his daughter, puts him through a difficult test. Only when he can bring her to fruition will she grant him his wish, and he will be able to marry her. This quest will take them to the northwest of Middle-earth, to her castle Angband, of the Iron Hell, where they will meet Morgoth, who embodies ultimate evil. This beautiful love story was written by Tolkien in 1917, but it didn’t see the light of day until recently, when it managed to be published for the first time. It is an important chapter in the history of Middle-earth, and is linked to all of Tolkien’s great works.
It is published by Kedros publications

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