A year of JukeBooks: 10,000 listeners, 1,000,000 listening hours

A year of JukeBooks: 10,000 listeners, 1,000,000 listening hours
A year of JukeBooks: 10,000 listeners, 1,000,000 listening hours

A year of exciting narratives is complete for the JukeBooks. A year that, as the numbers show, closes successfully, reaching its impressive number a million hours of listening!

With a passion for speech and storytelling, the popular Greek app audiobooks managed to bring the unique experience of storytelling into the lives of bibliophiles and offer them an additional way to bring books into their lives, at the same time as traditional reading.

JukeBooks is a new habit which enables one to listen to books, while doing other activities at the same time, offering entertainment in free time, as well as “lost” time.

The almost 10,000 active subscribers JukeBooks they already enrich their daily lives by listening the audiobooks that they desire from the rich collection that has surpassed them 700 titles of books from each category, some of which stood out in listeners’ preferences.

In the most popular category of the platform, the Modern literaturestand out o Spyros Petroulakis by the Greek writers, with “Samso“, the “Shipwreck” and “Legacy» to be distinguished in the top ten hearings of the category and among foreign authors, h Clare Pooley with her two titles in the top ten, of which “The green notebook» they have almost heard it 2,500 people within a year.

Her category is also very current and popular Self-improvement & Self-awarenessfrom which it also derives the book with the most hours of listening all yearthe global best-seller “Among Idiots” by Thomas Erikson followed by “How to succeed in 24 hours» from the well-known self-made entrepreneur, Maria Hatzistefani.

JukeBooks audiobooks are popular not only because of the carefully selected collection of books, but also because of the high quality of the narrative. JukeBooks works with storytellers who stand out so much for their vocal talentas well as for their love for books and reading. Both narrator and actress, Coralia Karantiswith countless positive reviews, as well as Themis Bazaka are some characteristic examples that stand out in the “The Dog’s mother” and “Primroses» or even the “My daughter” respectively, which actually lasts only 5 hours.

At JukeBooks the combination of high quality and plenty of options has been a dominant goal since day one, which is reflected in the high rating the application has received from its users to date. So far JukeBooks is rated, on average, with impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars!

From its inception until today, of course, several new publishers have been added to the original list of 10 publishers, such as University Publications of Cretethe Papazisi Publications and The law of Success Publshing, now reaching 19 and which have significantly expanded the subject matter of the available titles.

Finally, it is important to mention that one can now also hear exceptionally well podcastsin collaboration with the Soundis platform.

So, whether you’re a fan of traditional reading or not, JukeBooks invites you to discover how much value it can bring to your own everyday life, listening to audiobooks actually gives you the ability to try free for 15 days at www.jukebooks.gr.

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