On Sunday’s Vima, a book about Mikhail Gorbachev

On Sunday’s Vima, a book about Mikhail Gorbachev
On Sunday’s Vima, a book about Mikhail Gorbachev

This Sunday with “Vima”:

Mikhail Gorbachev

“The Stake: My Plea for Peace and Freedom”

For the first time in Greece, the last book of the great politician about the global crisis we are experiencing.

The arms race, the risk of nuclear war, Russia-West tension, the environmental crisis, the threat of disease, the rise of populism, the decline of Democracy.
And his plea for peace and freedom.

Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, world peace is once again at risk. The United States has withdrawn from its disarmament treaty with Russia, Europe is falling apart, China is surging forward, and a wave of nationalism and populism is destabilizing established political institutions and endangering hard-won freedoms. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief the fragility of the global order and the speed with which it can slide into chaos.

In view of this dangerous and unpredictable state of affairs, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last great politician of the 1989 revolution, wrote this short book to warn us of the grave dangers we now face and to urge all of us, political leaders and citizens alike, to take measures to deal with them. It focuses on the great challenges of our time, such as the renewed arms race and the growing risks of nuclear war, the new tension between Russia and the West, the global environmental crisis, the global threat of disease and epidemics, the rise of populism and the decline of democracy. . It argues that self-interested and narrow-minded policies aimed at pursuing national interests take the place of political principles and eclipse the vision of a free and just world for all peoples. He offers his view of where Russia is headed and urges political leaders in the West to recognize that restoring trust between Russia and the West requires the courage of true leadership and a commitment to genuine dialogue and understanding on both sides.

Now more than ever, the answers to the grand challenges we face cannot be purely national in nature, but must be based on a collective effort in which political leaders put aside their differences and work together to advance the human security of all.

The article is in Greek

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