“The Boy and the Dragon”: Chrysa Nikolaki’s fairy tale that touches young and old – Book

“The Boy and the Dragon”: Chrysa Nikolaki’s fairy tale that touches young and old – Book
“The Boy and the Dragon”: Chrysa Nikolaki’s fairy tale that touches young and old – Book

“… And so they decided to spend the rest of their lives together, to be happy forever and not “goldenly” trapped… Outside the castle, the courtyard, their life became beautiful and simple…” he writes on the back cover book, by the author Chrysas Nikolakis.

One Children’s Book with pictures and a beautiful story that is not only about children, as its deep meaning touches every person and every age.


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Review of Paramythio by Paizi Olga

“Fairytales evolve in space and time. Foxes, frogs, owls, and a host of other animals are enlisted, taking on human qualities, in order to help deal with a child’s dilemmas on the way to adulthood.

In this particular fairy tale by the author Chrysas Nikolakis, we have the journey of the boy and the dragon. A journey that is connected, on a deeper level, to the journey of self-awareness. Many times this journey starts from a starting point that has pain and difficulty, as it happens with the handsome boy in our fairy tale, who despite the beauty of the landscape, despite his beauty, experiences “desolation and loneliness”, as the deeper connection is still absent with himself, without which the soul feels frozen.


Beyond beauty or aesthetics, wealth or a good time, our essential needs always find a way to manifest themselves, urgently seeking the comfort of their fulfillment.

The dragon, the supernatural being, sometimes as a threat and sometimes as awe, causes us fear, the same fear that awakens us and our need for change, as each change brings us face to face with the fear of the unknown. The dragon of the fairy tale, we could say that it is our own dragon, the dragon that exists in each of us. It is this deeper Self that we do not know and yet urges us not to fear
unknown. It prompts us to discover Us and choose how We wish to live.

The dragon comes to invite-challenge us on this journey of self-awareness. It asks us to decide who we want to be, what value system we want to base ourselves on. It poses dilemmas of life, and the deeper our knowledge of ourselves, the more we connect with our truth and empowered now we can position ourselves in the existential and nuclear questions that arise.

The boy, standing open and brave before his dragon, is not afraid, as he gradually recognizes his own pieces. Through inner searches and journeys, and only then, man begins to feel strong, solid, as conscious choices define the position of his inner strength and security.


The fairy tale urges young and old to endure to say this courageous and big YES to the ride with their dragon, in this journey that is a valuable and practical attitude of love and acceptance.

I wish from the bottom of my heart to the author, her attempt to enlighten children’s souls, will be crowned with complete success, so that they can embrace their own dragon, flying and creating places of fulfillment.

Y.S. And by children I mean every single one of us, regardless of age.”

Paizi Olga, Syntheriki Mental Health Consultant

A few words about the author, Chrysa Nikolaki

Chrysa Nikolaki was born in Athens. He is a graduate of the Department of Social Theology of the School of Theology of the University of Athens & a Master of Arts with specialization in Literature from the Hellenic Open University. He has attended theater and cinema seminars, as well as directing. He also holds a translation and subtitling diploma, DIPLOMA OF TRANSLATION (British Council).

He has published studies on literary themes in scientific-theological journals. In 2020, she published her second poetry collection “Thaumata ki Aerika” (Road Editions).

He mainly deals with literature and theater criticism.

In April 2019, her first fairy tale was published: “The Boy and the Dragon”, (published by Aparsis). In 2020, she was awarded the 2nd Prize with her poem “Heromnemones” at the 9th World Poetry Competition of Amphictyonia. In 2019, she received the First Prize with her poetic fairy tale “Nikolios, Fortune and Joy” from the Panhellenic Association of Writers (PEL). In 2021, her poetry collection “Shaolin Woman” and her scientific study “The Orthodox tradition in the poetry of Yannis Ritsos” were published (Dromon ed.). He writes articles in many electronic and printed magazines. He is a member of the Panhellenic Union of Writers (P.E.L.) and the Society of Hellenic Writers (E.E.L.).

In recent years, she was assigned the criticism of books of poetry and philosophy by the great professor Dimitris Liantini, for which she gave 2 philosophical lectures.

The article is in Greek

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