The 3 scariest paintings in the world – These are their stories


They’re considered haunted, you look at them and feel weird, and you generally don’t want them in your home

What is art to you? Below we will see what you don’t like: Delightful. Three paintings said to be haunted, each for its own reason, have ruined people’s lives. It is uncomfortable to even look at them – you feel an embarrassment, you do not know what to do.

Three paintings, three stories. See them all next – just don’t look at the images for too long.

The Hands Resist Him

This is considered the scariest painting in the world. Called The Hands Resist Him, it depicts a boy standing next to a life-like doll that has no eyes and an upside-down smile. Behind him, in the dark behind a glass door, you will see children’s hands trying to catch him.

The play itself is creepy – well, its story is worse. It is said to be haunted. People who came into contact with it, such as the art critic Henry Sheldish and the actor John Marley (who had already bought it), died soon after, while the painting itself disappeared for about two decades after Marley’s death. It was sold in 2000 on eBay and the new owners sold it almost immediately, claiming it was haunted.

As they said, the boy and the doll were arguing, in the middle of the night. They insisted they also had video of the boy walking out of the canvas and into the room. They warned that it should not be bought by the “faint-hearted” – more than 30,000 people saw their ebay listing and most said they felt uncomfortable just looking at it.

The Anguished Man


Here we have “the world’s most haunted painting”. It’s called The Anguished Man and it looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Its owner, Sean Robinson, has spoken to Dread Central about this strange work of art, which he inherited from his grandmother. He doesn’t know who made it, he only knows “that the artist used his blood for paint and killed himself shortly after completing it.”

“I guarantee you that the original painting is in a safe place, locked away, and I have no intention of selling it.”

He explained that strange things happen to anyone in the same room as the painting – even in the same house. There are cries, people screaming, and he has even seen the figure of a man staring at him.

Love Letters


At number 3, we have the Love Letters painting located at the Driskill Hotel, Texas. They say that this particular hotel has a permanent resident: The ghost of a girl. He has haunted not a room, but the painting itself: a copy of Charles Trevor Garland’s work of the same name.

People who have stayed at the hotel claim to have seen the expression of the girl in the painting change when they look at it. They have also said that they felt her eyes were moving. Some have even reported feeling sick looking at it, or feeling as if someone was lifting them off the floor.

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