Original artwork against war (VIDEO – PHOTO)

Original artwork against war (VIDEO – PHOTO)
Original artwork against war (VIDEO – PHOTO)

Over 40 creators responded to invitation of the Culture Committee of the CS of the KNE for the creation of a modern, original artistic work on the subject of war and its consequences.

So, at this year’s art exhibition hosted at Steki tou Politismos (outside the park’s theater) and attracts a lot of interest from the first moment, the visitor can browse over 70 contemporary works that each in their own way depict the war and its consequences. All visual forms have found their place in the exhibition, from painting and sculpture to video art and visual installations. Young and old visual artists participate – members of EETE, students of ASKT, as well as self-taught visual artists.

Starting from Mayakovsky’s motivation that Art should not reflect like a mirror but magnify like a lens, KNE through this effort sought to turn the magnifying glass of Art towards reality and the truth that remains on the sidelines of major artistic events.

An ambitious and daring project, which proves that even in the field of visual arts, KNE can organize such a large, group exhibition with contemporary work, which also shows the great need of creators to talk with their work and address the public.

  • It is noted that today at 7 p.m. the theatrical performance will be presented at the venue “The Tale Without a Name”by Iakovos Campanellisfrom the KNE theater group.

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